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How to use Lightroom Mobile’s Built-in Camera (and why it’s so awesome!)

Hi Gang – greetings from Dallas, Texas this morning (here for my seminar today). I came across this awesome little video from Adobe’s own Lightroom Evangelist Julieanne Kost, and it’s all about the new built-in camera app inside Lightroom mobile for IOS (iPhone and iPad both). Once you see what it can do (including shooting in RAW), it’ll make you never want to use the Apple camera app again. Very cool stuff!

Big high five to Julieanne for uncovering all that RAW, pro-mode shooting goodness!

My 12-days of Christmas has begun!
If you’re an annual KelbyOne member, make sure you check out my post about the awesome goodies we’re giving annual members every day for the next 12-days. You’ll be really surprised at some of the awesomeness we have planned (thanks in part, to some of our awesome partners).

Here’s the link to my post (and there’s a video with 5 Photoshop layers tips from me there, too). 🙂

Have a great Wednesday everybody!