Un-Cluttering Lightroom For How You Use It

Happy Wednesday everybody! Here’s a quickie to help you customize and un-clutter your Lightroom interface, so just the stuff you actually use is visible (it’s that whole “less is more” thing).


Above: If there are entire modules you don’t use (maybe you don’t ever use Maps, or Slideshow or the Web Module), there’s no sense in having them taking up mental and physical real estate. Just Right-click anywhere up in that top navigation bar, and a pop-up menu will appear. “Uncheck” any module you don’t use, and now they’re hidden from view. Don’t worry — if you ever decide you want any one or all of them back, just right-click again up there and turn them on by choosing them from the pop-up menu.


Above: Same thing goes for the left and right side panels — if there are panels you just don’t use (like the Snapshots panel, for example), just hide them. Right-click to the right of any panel’s title, and from the pop-up menu that appear uncheck any panels you want hidden.

There ya have it.

Thanks for stopping by – hope you’ll stop by again on Friday for another Lightroom love-fest. 🙂



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