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Lightroom By The Numbers (A bunch of really handy keyboard shortcuts using numbers)

Hi Gang. First, please let me apologize for posting the totally wrong video yesterday for Ben Warde’s “Lightroom Coffee Break.”Totally my fault, and worse yet, I didn’t learn about the problem until late in the day.  Luckily, it’s fixed now, and it’s a really handy tip so here’s a link to jump back to yesterday to catch his helpful 60-second tip.

Today, I did a short video for you with a bunch of really handy keyboard shortcuts that all use numbers. They’re really easy to learn and remember, but they can save a ton of time (and I’ll bet there’s a few in there that even really seasoned Lightroom pros might not know). It’s worth checking out.

Hope you found that helpful. 🙂

What I’m teaching at the Photoshop World Conference this April in Orlando
Yesterday on my blog I did a post about the classes I’m teaching at the conference, including a few classes on the Lightroom Learning Track (which runs all three days of the conference). Here’s the link if you’ve got a sec.

Hope you all have a massively great Wednesday! 🙂


P.S. Peter Hurley is my guest on The Grid today at 4pm ET – we’re talking about portraits (of course), and our topic is “10 can’t-miss tips for connecting with your subject.” Come join us this afternoon (link) — Peter is a wonderful guest, and you might pick up some really helpful techniques. Hey, it’s always a possibility. 😉