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Two Quick Tips for Lightroom’s Slideshow Module

Happy New Year (and sorry for the late post today – I’m a bit under-the-weather – typical cold stuff, but it’s put me a bit behind. So did all the New Years partying, but that sounds like a much lamer excuse so let’s go with that “I’ve got a cold” thing for now).

I got to do a band shoot yesterday!
But it’s not the type of shoot you’d think. Here’s the story (and pictures and camera settings) if you’ve got a sec.

Very cool tip today from Adobe’s own Benjamin Warde — it’s two quick Slideshow tips (in less than 60-seconds), and I didn’t know the first one myself (but will start using it from today forward). Check it out:



  1. Michael Dill-Cruz 4 January, 2018 at 21:04 Reply


    I have a question for you. If I am tethered shooting, can I run a slideshow of what I have shot and as I shoot, will the slideshow update with the latest shot? I can not figure it out, so maybe it can happen.

    Thanks and love you stuff.

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