Lightroom Tips

Tip: Lightroom Tips and My Sky Replacement Tutorial

Last week, over at Kelby One, we did a free webcast for Photoshop World coming up in just over a month. We had videos and tutorials from lots of various Photoshop World instructors, and I jumped in to do a some quick Lightroom tips as well as a tutorial on replacing a not-so-great sky in landscape photos.

Replacing the sky is one of those questions I hear about a lot. I’ll tell you up front, that in order for it to work, you need similar conditions. For example, if you take an image from a blah cloudy day, and try to replace it with a sky from a bright sunny or colorful sunset, then things aren’t going to look right. This tutorial is really meant for when the sky is just plain and cloudless, and you want to replace it with something more interesting.

Here’s a link to the webcast. Now, the entire thing is over 2 hours so I’ll save you some time. The tutorial on replacing skies starts at 42:10. It’s about 7 minutes long. I also did two very quick Lightroom tips which start at 1:06 (ish). Again, it’s free to watch and there’s lots of other tips and things in there if you want to check it out. And of course, I’ll be at Photoshop World in September teaching Photoshop and Lightroom. My full-day Lightroom pre-conference workshop is sold out, but you can probably get on a waiting list. But I’ll have lots of other classes during the show so please stop by and say hi if you’re gonna be there.

Have a good one!