Lightroom Tips

Tip – Graduated Filter Modifier Keys

First off, thanks for all the great feedback on the Before/After video the other day. For those of you who watched it (and commented on it), the grayish pumpkin that I darkened was brought up a few times. I thought about trying to do something more with it, but then I showed the photo to several people including the mom in the photo. I asked about the pumpkin and the resounding answer was “What pumpkin?” – mission accomplished in my book 🙂 But I’ll probably try to tweak it as a personal mission to see if I can add just a little color back in without looking to fakey.

Tip #1: Anyway, I thought of a couple more tips while doing that video that had to do with the Graduated Filter that I used in the video. The first grad filter tip is to hold down the Shift key when you’re creating a gradient with it. In the video, I wanted my gradient to be slightly tilted. But if you don’t you’ll go crazy so just hold the Shift key down while dragging to keep it straight.

Tip #2: The second one is to hold down Option (Alt: PC) while dragging. This moves the faded edges of the gradient closer to, or further away from, the center of the gradient depending on which way you drag.

Hope you guys had a great week and an even better weekend ahead. See ya.