Lightroom Tips

Tip – Fading a Lightroom Preset

I’ve got a big article due for Photoshop User magazine this week so I’m gonna make this one short. In fact, I’m being so lazy today that I’m stealing a tip from some one else. See, for a while now I’d have to say the most common preset-related question I get is how to fade a preset. Say the effect is just too strong and you don’t feel like going through each slider and lessening the amount it applies. Instead you basically want a volume control for the preset. Well the other day Piet (one of the blog readers) posted a comment pointing me to a video he’s done on fading Lightroom presets. Now before you get your hopes up, there is no “Fade Preset” feature in LR that you’re missing. The tip that’s been out there for a while involves going to Photoshop and Piet’s tip is no exception. But I thought he had a really slick way to do it and one that I hadn’t seen before. Here’s a link to Piet’s video. Enjoy and thanks Piet! 🙂