Lightroom Tips

Tip – Adjustment Brush Shortcuts

Hey folks, it’s time for the first Lightroom 2 tip and I’ve got one of my favorites for you. OK, you know when you start painting with the Adjustment Brush it leaves that little dot on your photo. Well if you hover over it, it shows you a red overlay which tells where you’ve painted right? But that’s not the tip. The tip is that you can change the color of that overlay. This comes in especially handy if you’re using the Adjustment Brush on something red or close to it. So next time, try this. Move your cursor over that dot to show the red overlay. Then press Shift – O to cycle through different color overlays. Cool huh?

I hope you have a great weekend. Make sure you leave any little tips that you’ve picked up this week in the comments area. Oh, and for all of you new LR 2 users out there. Get off the computer!!! Spend some time with your friends and family. They miss you this week 🙂