Lightroom Tips

Tip – A Cool Cropping Tip in Lightroom 3 Beta

Knowing how to crop a horizontal image into a vertical one or vice versa, has always been this little secret among Lightroom users. If you stand on one foot, jump up and down and its the 4th day of the month, during a full moon of course, you can swap your cropping orientation from vertical to horizontal in a snap 🙂 OK, I’m kidding (a little). I will say that doing this with the crop tool before LR3 wasn’t necessarily obvious, as you always had to move your cursor outside the crop rectangle a little and rotate it around to get the crop orientation to switch. But in Lightroom 3 (beta 2 that is), all you have to do is press the letter X while in Crop mode and it’ll switch automatically. Sweet!
Have a great Friday folks, and I hope you enjoy a very Happy Easter weekend 🙂