Lightroom Tips

One Slider in Lightroom

(Note: If you’ve already ready this, then see the edit below.) I gotta admit, it’s pretty nice when this happens. I moved one slider in this photo below to get from the before image to the after. It’s a photo I took at the Sheik Zayed Mosque while teaching in Dubai a few weeks ago. It was just a magnificent place to see, and anywhere you pointed your camera you were sure to get a great shot. It didn’t hurt that I had a nice sunny day with a crisp blue sky either – the colors work great together. Anyway, any guesses what slider it was? (You have to be specific though) I’ll post the answer later today 🙂

Edit at 1:15pm:

OK, I’ll end the suspense. It was pretty simple. I moved the Vibrance slider to about +50. I originally tried the Luminance settings (Blue slider) in the HSL panel but I liked Vibrance better so that’s what I stuck with. Also, after looking at it for a few minutes since then, I’ve dropped my setting to around +30. I’ve showed it to several folks here at the office. Some like it punchier at 50 and some like it more subdued at +30. Honestly, when I was there, it felt like it was a lot more blue (definitely more saturated than the original). But I think I’ll stick with the less blue version at +30. Thanks joining in!

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