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The Power of Lightroom Collections

Well folks, I’m back. After 7 days in Santa Fe, New Mexico teaching a Photoshop class – then, 4 days in Taos, New Mexico doing lots of skiing (and a little falling too) with my wife and kids – and finally 2 days at Adobe’s HQ in San Jose, California (AKA: The Mothership) attending a Lightroom Launch Party and a Certified Training Partner event – I’m back in the saddle. So let’s jump right into collections in Lightroom. Collections are a great way to organize photos into groups for easy viewing at a later time. For example, after you’ve sorted through a photo shoot you’ll undoubtedly wind up with your group of keepers from that shoot. Well, what do you do when you want to find them later? Sure, you can go back to the folder and filter the photos based on a star ranking system or using your Pick flags but frankly, that’s a real pain in the butt. The better way of doing it is to organize your photos into Collections so you have a one-click way to get to your favorites.
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