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“The Lightroom Show” Episode #9 with Scott & RC

I can’t believe we’ve already done 9 episodes, but sure enough — I present you with number 9 above. It keeps with our tradition of:

(a) Keeping it short and sweet
(b) Packing it start to finish with tips and techniques
(c) Having the content driven by your questions, suggestions and ideas

Hope you find it helpful.

Also, our featured photographer on this week’s show is beauty and dance photographer Stephan Bollinger (link)

Have a great weekend everybody — On Monday I’ll be in Salt Lake City, Utah on the first stop of my all new “Shoot Like a Pro: Reloaded!” seminar (details), where I’ll be teaching my new “Lightroom Seven Point System” live. I hope to meet some of you there in person.

All my best,


P.S. My next seminar is in Los Angeles on Wednesday, Hope you can join me there in LA.