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The Lightroom Keyboard Shortcut That Messes Everyone Up

Okay, it’s time. I was finally asked this question the other day (from some one who actually knows Lightroom pretty well), why his Toolbar was missing. You know, the one that’s below the image, but above the Filmstrip in the various modules. Here’s an image of the area I’m talking about.


Or maybe you don’t know because it’s not there. Why? Because it probably got accidentally hidden. It’s got to be one of the most-asked issues/problems/gotchas that I see. I answer it countless times during my seminars and classes.

What Is It?
So here’s the deal. That little toolbar changes based on what you do in Lightroom. It holds lots of little settings and options that are pretty important depending on what tools you’re using. So when it gets hidden, you actually miss out on a lot of choices.

An Example
The Adjustment Brush is a great example. When you select the Brush in the Develop module, you’ll see some options for the actual brush in that toolbar.


So What’s the Problem?
Okay, so what’s the problem. How does this bar go away? Well, it’s actually pretty simple. If you hit the T key (T for Toolbar), it hides the Toolbar. That’s it. Gone. So if you inadvertently hit the letter T, you’re screwed. You may never actually know that you hid the toolbar until you realize it’s not there and can’t figure out how to get it back. Now, Adobe actually realized that people were having an issue with this a few years ago and added a message that reads “Press T to Show the Toolbar Again”. But sometimes it happens so fast that most people miss the message.

Well everybody, I hope in some small way this helps save you some frustration. And if you know some one using Lightroom, do them a favor and forward this post on 🙂

Oh, I posted a little story behind the photo in the screen capture above today over on my personal Landscape photography blog at, if you want to check it out. See ya!