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NEWS: New Lightroom Mobile 1.1 and Lightroom on the iPhone

Hey everyone! A while back I wrote about Lightroom Mobile on the iPad. Well, Adobe just released LR Mobile 1.1 today (as well as a few other things) and I figured I’d give you a quick recap.

First, Lightroom isn’t the only app that got an update today. Just about all of them did (including Photoshop). Over at we put together a full resource center with videos on all the updates. Here’s the link if you want to check it out.

Lightroom Mobile 1.1 Updates
First, we now have star ratings. In version 1 there was pick flags (just like Lightroom), but a lot of people use star ratings too so they’ve added them in 1.1.

Also, if you’ve ever put your photos in a specific order on your desktop, then you’ve probably realized that Lightroom mobile didn’t support your custom sort order. But now in 1.1 it will, so things will be in the same sort order as you last left them on your desktop.

Lightroom 5 was also updated to 5.5 to support the new mobile features as well as new cameras, so make sure you head to the Help menu and choose Check For Updates to get it.

Lightroom Mobile 1.1 on the iPhone
The first question (besides when is it coming on Android) I heard about LR Mobile was “Does it work on the iPhone?”. At the time (this was back in April) the answer was no. But now the same Lightroom 1.1 Mobile on the iPad works on the iPhone too. Same features, same everything – just a smaller screen 🙂

Creative Cloud Photography Plan is Now Permanent
Last year, Adobe announced a $9.99/month photography plan for the Creative Cloud in response to photographers that didn’t want to use all of the CC apps. When they announced it, it was a temporary thing. So if you got it, you were in. If not, you weren’t. Well, then they brought it back, but again it was still meant to be temporary. I think that made a lot of people uneasy because they thought maybe next year it would go away, and they’d have to revert back to old versions or spend more money to get the full Creative Cloud. So today, they officially announced that the Creative Cloud Photography plan is permanent. It’s not going away so if you want to sign up this week, great. If not, and maybe you decide to next month it’ll still be there.

Don’t forget to get the latest Lightroom 5.5 update under the Help menu. Enjoy!