The Lightroom Conference is Coming, and some news from England

I’m back from a wonderful experience teaching at “The Photography Show” in England, but first, an important heads up: The KelbyOne Lightroom Conference is coming up next month, and today, we released our official trailer for the two-day, two-track online training event – check it out below:

Save a bunch by registering now – here’s the link. It’s going to be (wait for it, wait for it…) epic!

Only One Spot Left For My Santorini Travel Photography Workshop

Don’t be sitting at home this May while Erik Kuna and I lead 12 photographers shooting in incredible locations on a pristine Greek island, learning Lightroom and Photoshop hands-on editing, and sharing some incredible meals and views with some wonderful folks. Come right along with us – it’s a once-in-a-lifetime workshop, and you’re invited to take that last spot before it sells out.

Here’s the link with info.

From England, with Love

I mentioned on Monday I was in England speaking at The Photography Show, and I got the opportunity to shoot my first pro rugby game ever. I took this short video as I entered Cinch Stadium at Franklin’s Gardens (home of the Northhampton Saints) to shoot with team photographer Claire Jones (seen in the red hat and jacket as I enter). This is part of my goal of shooting more short video clips this year at my regular photo shoots. Such an amazing time (and Claire is on a whole ‘nuther level when it comes to rugby photography. Among the best anywhere, hands down. She is a legend behind the lens, and I learned a lot).

Ran Into Some Hooligans Once Again

I can’t get away from these guys….and I love it! Two of Britain’s best (Dave Clayton and Peter Treadway). Dave taught Photoshop in the Adobe booth gigs, running the post-production theater with Peter. Those are some hard-working lads. Cads. Bad guys. Etc. Thanks to everybody who came out to see my sessions or had a book signed at my book signings. I was so tickled to get a chance to meet so many of you. I loved every minute of it! Thanks to Dave, Pete, and the show Photography Show Team. What a first-class event!

Warning to People Not Born in England

I’m pretty sure that’s not breakfast. I know breakfast stuff, and that’s not it. Especially that black stuff. I can only imagine this plate is a prop from a horror movie. Ask anybody not born there. 😉

Great to be back home – looking forward to a relaxing weekend, but I already miss everybody. See you next time!




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