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The Best Little Lightroom Tip You’ll Learn All Day

and I’ll bet it’s one you didn’t know, but I’m tellin’ you, if you ever get the dreaded “Photo is Missing” message in Lightroom Classic, you will love this time-saving, frustration-saving tip that you’ll use again and again (OK, I’m might be over-playing this hand, but honestly, this tip has saved me so much time). Here’s what it is:

OK, this isn’t the tip – it’s leading up to the tip, but if you see an exclamation point warning up in the right corner of the thumbnail, that’s letting you know it can’t find the image. If you take the image over to the Develop Module, you get a large “Photo is Missing” warning. So, you click directly on that exclamation point warning, and it brings up the name of the missing file (in this case, it was SK1_0298-HDR.jpg which is a long name to remember), and the location of where it was LAST (it’s obviously not there, or it wouldn’t be lost, but at least it tells you where it last saw it). You have the option to click the “Locate” button and then search your drive or external hard drive e to find it. Don’t do that yet.

Here’s the tip: That little dialog that shows the name and location of where it last saw your original image file? You can click and highlight the name (as shown above), and then hit COPY (Command-C on Mac / Ctrl-C on a PC), and copy the exact name of that file into memory (no having to memorize a long name).

Now just paste that copied name into the Search field (it’s in the upper right corner on a Mac), and boom – it finds the image and you’re set (as seen above). Don’t forget (if you’re on a Mac anyway), to click ‘Search:” and choose ‘This Mac’ or it’s going to look just where you were last, and not your whole computer or external. Pretty handy stuff. 🙂

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