Teaching, Seminar, and Overall Learning Update

Hey, its posts like these that let me get my shameless plugs in for where I’ll (and my friends) are going to be teaching. So in case you’re interested, read on. If not, just read the next post for today for some Lightroom stuff.

• Lightroom Seminar Tour Dates – I’ll be teaching a full-day Lightroom seminar for Kelby Training in Chicago on July 20th and in New York City on July 22nd. You can find out more about the tour and the full-day schedule here.

• Great American Photography Workshops – Later this week I’m heading to the Palouse Region of Washington to teach a full 3 day Photoshop/Photography workshop. If you’re scratching your head saying “What is the Palouse”, then check out this portfolio I found from photographer Chip Phillips. There’s some really nice photos of the area. Anyway, these workshops are a great opportunity to get some one-one-one learning, as well as learn how to bring your photography and post-processing work together since we’ll be shooting as well as spending lots of time in the classroom.

• Bogen is putting on a free Webinar. It’s called A Budget Safari – Wildlife Photography at Your Local Zoo: Roundtable with Julie Larsen Maher. Click here to find out more.

• Photoshop/Photography Cruise – Dave Cross, Corey Barker and I are teaching on a week-long cruise. Now, its not until October and I know that’s a long time to think ahead. But, when it comes to cruises time is running out so if you’re thinking of going you can actually sign-up and reserve your spot (in the seminar and on the cruise) for only $100. You can also check out the website and see the full seminar schedule.

Hope you can make it out to one of these events.


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  1. hey Matt.

    i wanted to sign up for the lightroom seminar in orlando on the 28th of aug, but now the form only shows photoshop… is it the same class? and will you be teaching it?


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  2. Hi, I´m going on the cruise and rally looking forward to it! Anybody else here who is going (yes, I know you´re going, Matt…) ? It will be amazing, think about the kick we all will get.

    See you
    From Norway, but live in Spain, Gran Canaria.

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  3. Hi Matt,

    I had purchased Nikon Camera Control Pro 2, and then had to return it after discovering that it doesn’t work with Mac OS X 10.5.6 or later. That put me on the hunt for an alternative for shooting tethered with Nikon and Mac. I found Mountainstorm Lightroom Studio Tether, and the studio tether part works great for me. But the Lightroom component crashes everytime I’ve tried it (and reinstalled and tried again). When I take a photo with it enabled, the LR component causes studio tether to quit unexpectedly.

    I emailed R Cooper (the developer) ’cause I’d REALLY love to use this app (and pay for it), but I can’t get it to work with LR2 the way it’s supposed to. Haven’t heard anything back from him, unfortunately. (Currently, I’m doing the workaround with LR’s watched folder / auto-import process–slow, but workable).

    Any suggestions…?



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  4. Where’s next years cruise?

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  5. Hey Matt,

    I live in Aruba. If you guys want to do something on the island while you are here let me know.
    Wish I could go on the cruise.. maybe next time. So remember to say hello while you are in Aruba.

    BON BINI!!!

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  6. I looked but I didn’t see where the Photoshop/Photography Cruise sails out of, do you know??

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  7. Man, I sure wish I could attend the Workshop starting tomorrow on the Palouse – that’s my home turf!

    Great time to be there, the fall crops are tall, spring crops are up … green & rolling hills this time of year. Likely get some good crop dusting photos too.

    Enjoy the area!

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  8. Not sure if you have pull with GA, but would love to see y’all back in the Smokies 🙂

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