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We’re Taping Our First “The Lightroom Show” Episode Today!

recording show in TV studio

OK folks, RC and I are in the studio today, using the comments and ideas you guys sent in when we announced the show, to create our first episode of “The Lightroom Show.”  I imagine it will go online sometime first of next week, but if our video team has it ready sooner, I’ll let you know.

One more thing
So, the way this site had been set-up from the start, if you haven’t posted a comment here before (and in some cases, even if you had), your comment goes into Moderation and doesn’t get released until I hit the approve button, which kinda stinks because (a) I don’t like moderating comments, and I don’t on my own blog (b) I’m usually tied up in meetings, or teaching a full day seminar so sometimes your comments get stuck there for a while.

So far, we can’t just “flip the switch” to let every comment through because we have a serious spam comment problem, but RC is working on getting the spam filter from scottkelby.com engaged over here on LRKT (that one works really great so I don’t have to moderate at all). Anyway, just wanted to let you know why sometimes your comments get held up for a while.

Oh, wait!
Don’t forget to read #8 in my “What I Would Tell a New Lightroom User” here on the blog (Scroll down to see it).