Some Weekly Odds and Ends

First off, thanks to everyone who stopped over at to see my guest blog post. It seemed very well received and I appreciate all the comments. Now on to some Lightroom, photography and industry odds and ends.

• Sean McCormack over at Lightroom News has a really neat post on time lapse photography and how he’s using it. I’ve never really tried it but after reading I think I may have a go at it.

• Syl over at PixSylated (I love that name!) has a good post about Firefox 3 and color management in the browser. This is big actually. The more browsers that start reading color profiles the better off we’ll all be when it comes to displaying our photography on the web.

• NAPP members get $75 off the Epson R1900 until tomorrow (my new favorite glossy printer). I did a couple videos on the R1900 when it comes to getting started with printing as well as printing from Lightroom over at the NAPP site. You can see the videos as well as get the discount code by clicking here.

• One of our own Lightroom blog readers, Peter, has a great photography (and related) blog over at You’ll find lots of tidbits there and even some neat tips on Lightroom.

• Finally, check out the Camera Toss blog. I had absolutely no idea there was a website dedicated to this and I totally stumbled upon it yesterday. It’s gutsy to try out but I may have to take an old camera and give it a whirl 🙂

Have a great day!