I'm a Guest Blogger today on Scott's Blog

I have the honor of being a guest blogger today on Scott Kelby’s blog so make sure you check it out and leave a comment for me. (let ’em all know you’re a Lightroom Killer Tips visitor!) Yep, he asked me a few weeks ago and I’ve since been laboring over what I was going to write. Then, about a week ago it came to me, and about 2 days ago I began writing it. I have to say it took WAY longer then I thought it would (I’m afraid to even tell you as my boss my be reading this) but I had such a good time with it. Basically, I’ve taken a concept that we talk about in the office every once in a while and made it into a post. See, we always toss around ideas about small design changes we’d make to dialogs, palettes or the Photoshop interface. Sometimes we even come up with our own new ideas for dialogs. Well, I decided to actually create them. If you’ve never designed a dialog before, let me tell ya… it ain’t easy. I have a totally new respect for those folks because all I had to do was make mine in Photoshop and it took forever – I don’t even have to make them work 🙂 Anyway, head on over to Scott’s blog to check my post out and leave a comment for me as well. It’s even got some homework for you where you can download a PSD file and make your own. Regular blogging will resume here for the rest of the week. Thanks!