Hi folks. Time for another one of those random Q&A days.

Q. Is it true that Bogen is giving a free Webinar called “Fashionable Wedding Photography: Roundtable with Claudio Basso” on Friday April 17th between 2pm-3pm EDT?
A. Actually, yes, it is indeed true 🙂 Sorry, my friends over at Bogen asked if we’d spread the word about the webinar and this was the only way I could think to get it in here without creating a separate post. If you want to attend you can register here. I promise the rest of the questions are really questions.

Q. Is there a way to include Crop information (like 5×7) into a preset?
A. You know, if I hadn’t researched this question I would have instinctively just said yes. But after trying it I realized there is no way to include your favorite crop info into the preset. You can always set one photo to the crop preset you want and then synchronize a bunch of them but there’s no way to embed the Crop info into the actual preset.

Q. I’ve seen you mention onOne and Nik Software’s plug-ins a few times lately. Am I better off using the Lightroom version of the plug-in or the Photoshop version?
A. It really depends. The one big difference between the Lightroom version of the plug-ins and the Photoshop version is that you get layers with Photoshop. So if you find yourself applying the effect of the plug-in on to a separate layer and using masks to blend the two together then you may want to go into Photoshop to run the plug-in. In cases like Silver Efex Pro, I rarely want to put the black and white on a separate layer. I either want color or black and white so I’m cool with just the Lightroom version. Really, when it comes to plug-ins, I always suggest people just download the free trials from the plug-in company’s website. They’re usually fully functional and you can truly test out whether (and how) you’d use them.

Q. Why doesn’t my Graduated Filter have those little horizontal guides that I’ve always seen when dragging one on to my photo?
A. I get this question a lot more then you’d think. I’ll also get asked “Where’d my Adjustment Brush pins go?” a lot too. Basically, this usually happens when you’ve accidentally hidden them by pressing the H key. Most of the time it’s inadvertent. Or, if you’re like me, you heard a tip somewhere about pressing H, so you did. But then you forgot to press H again to show the Graduated filter guides or pins. Then, if you’re really like me, the problem becomes compounded because you forget the tip (please tell me this happens to you too) 🙂
Anyway, to sum up, just press the H key if the guides or pins are gone. It’ll bring them back.

Q. How do I move my Lightroom catalog to a different computer (laptop, desktop)?
A. I’ve got a video that goes into moving a catalog between laptop and desktop. I recorded it a while ago but it still applies the same today.