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Presets – Summer Haze 2

I’m bringing back the summer haze preset from last year with a few changes. I know it’s not technically summer yet but Memorial Day is here in the US and, ever since I was a kid, that signifies “summer is here” (and if you live in Florida like I do, the torrential rain we’ve had every day for the last few days should already have you in that summery mood).

This was one of my favorite presets from last year. Its just a really cool effect to get that summery, warm, hazy feeling in a photo. The preset adjusts the white balance, Vibrance, Saturation, and Split Toning sliders. I even tossed in a bit of a Tone Curve adjustment on it in the Shadows since the other settings seemed to muddy the photo up a bit, and I thought it needed some more blacks to bring back the contrast. It works great on fun-styled outdoor portraits and even makes a pretty nifty wedding effect. Enjoy!

Click here to see a sample of the preset.
Click here to download Matt’s Summer Haze Preset
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