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So, we’re driving home last night, and I look west toward the beach to see this crazy-cool-cloudy sunset. We live in Florida and this time of year (with all of the thunderstorms out there), you can imagine some of the dramatic scenes we get. So it got me thinking about some more Lightroom 4 presets for photographs with skies that have really cool clouds in ’em. (yes, Lightroom 4 only – not Lightroom 3)

There’s 4 different levels of intensity for this one. Light, Medium, Strong and (for the first time ever) Super Strong. I’ll warn you now. I think “Super Strong” is kind of over-the-top – but for all of your over-the-top lovers it’s worth a try 🙂

Here’s the before/after:





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  1. this is the 3rd set of presets ive tried to download from your website (B&W portrate and B&W landscape and now Big Sky) and when i click on the links for download it says 404 error not found..super bumbed bc they all looked so good…

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  2. Thanks a lot for your work. Sadly, download link doesn’t work anymore. Could you share presets again?
    Thank you in advance

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  3. Preset not available anymore?

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  4. Thank you, great presets!

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  5. Matt, Thank you for all of these wonderful presets. I have a question is there anyone doing a similar thing with ACR. It is really the same product but I doubt they will work there? I do have both programs but feel more comfortable using ACR.
    Thanks again,

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  6. Matt,

    Thanks for this great recovery sky preset (well that’s what I used it for) My question is, I applied the preset, is there a way to “mask” out the other non-sky parts of the image that are effected by the preset?

    Thanks Again


    P.S. – thanks for the Composition Book as well!

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  7. Not tried any of your presets before but downloaded your recent sets. I have drioven past a corn field several times during this awful summer and noticed the clouds above the trees. Took the pic today and used the Bug Sky strong preset. Love it.
    Many thanks for all of your tips and the good humour.

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  8. Mr. Matt Kloskowski, I’ve going through your tutorial videos and I’m amazed at what I have learned today. It’s been a couple of hours but with no regrets. Just reading and watching your videos. Having Lightroom 4 for a couple of months and doing as any guy would do, just hit and missing, you Sir have put in the ball park when it comes to this program. Thanks you so much!

    John Nolan

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  9. Same house – I shot on a tour in June 2009. In the middle of this slide show.

    I made a toned layer with SEP in a layer on top of the color image and reduced the opacity of the SEP layer to give this soft color effect.

    No location recorded.

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  10. I can not open any of the Zipped files for presets.

    I am a computer consultant and have tried downloading and opening several of the presets on 3 different computers without any sucess.

    Something is wrong with the files or the webserver

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  11. Hola Matt, me encanta el artículo, sencillez, conciso y concreto y muy útil a nivel de intercambio de impresiones!! y… Cuidado con las tormentas!!! Abrazos desde España.

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  12. Hey Matt, thanks for the presets, just used them and they worked great.

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  13. Matt,
    Thanks for the presets. I was in the Palouse and saw this same house 3 years ago when on a photo trip with Arizona Highways. One year ago I returned with friends and although I found most of the other locations I could not find this house. If you have the information could you tell me the location either road or GPS coordinates. We are planning to return this year and would love to get more shots of this house in different light.
    Thanks for your help,

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