Lightroom Presets

Presets – Edge Lightening

If your first thought was “Edge Lightening?”, you’re not alone. Lately, the hip, cool, trendy, rad (insert your hip, cool, or trendy-like word here) is darkening the edges of your photos. Normally, I think it’s a great addition when used sparingly. Well, I started experimenting with the reverse – lightening the edges and the effect started looking really cool on some photos. Usually, darkening the edges brings focus on the center of the photo (usually the subject). However, lightening them does close to the same thing but in a different way. I found it gives the photo a really “bright” feel to it. So I’ve come up with a few presets here that go from lightening the edges a little to a lot. There’s also 2 flavors – narrow and wide. You’ll see the difference when you try ’em out. They work great on portraits, wedding photos, and even some landscapes I tried them out on. Have fun!

Click here to see a sample of the preset.
Click here to download Matt’s Edge Lightening Presets
Click here to see a video on how to install presets.