Photoshop TV is Back on the Air

Hey everyone. After 2 to approximately 12 weeks of being off the air, I’m happy to say that Photoshop User TV is back. We recorded our new show on our new set in our new format last week and its up on the web. For those of you that always liked PSTV and the “edu-tainment” factor of the show, then I think you’ll like it even more. For those of you that fast forwarded through all the talking to get to the tutorials I think you’ll LOVE the new format. We realized that none of us have 30-40 minutes to sink into watching a show so why should any of you have to sit through a show that long. The first one is about 20 minutes (mainly because I went almost 2 minutes over on my tutorial) but we’re trying to keep the shows between 15-18 minutes and just have non-stop tips and tutorials throughout it all. There’s even some Lightroom stuff in there. I hope you’ll stop by the site and check out the new show. Let me know what you think of it. Here’s the link.


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  1. Not too keen on the new format either. Though I prefer the shorter format, I now for some reason I barely watch the show anymore. The previous change more positive than this one.

    Maybe I’ll catch up on the shows one day…..

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  2. Informative and thoroughly enjoyable! Thanks, Matt, Dave, and Scott!!

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  3. I watched the second episode now. I didn’t comment hoping changes would be made. Some change was evident but the set is distracting, main desk too small, and the “banter” seemed fake – not spontaneous – like the old format. I tried hard to like t but the personalities are missing. Tips can be found all over the internet. It was the personalities that made the show. seems like personalities were substituted by a new set and it just ain’t working for me.

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  4. Glad to see show back
    Loved the shorter show!!!!
    Loved the new set.
    Loved the no adds.!!!!!
    Loved new format.
    Ten tips in 10 secs…..very rushed.
    Very much enjoyed LR segment just NOT a duplicate of Killer tips…tks
    I go there to learn not to be entertained… with that said ,I do enjoy the light heartedness and the informal appeal.
    Thanks Matt,Dave, Scott

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  5. Seen the older version before but it was way too long for me. Length of the show is great, similar to the Dtown episodes, good content and I’ll look out for the next episode. Thumbs up !

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  6. Matt,

    Looked forward to the new format with great anticipation … but damn, I was disappointed.

    Don’t get me wrong, the content is still great, but the feel is all wrong … too rushed, too clinical.

    Sometimes new isn’t always better … my vote is for the old version

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  7. I also agree with most posts that it sounds and feels rushed. My opinion is that I prefer the “old” format, but may be a little shorter. But this “new” format, in my humble opinion, feels as if it was in “fast forward”.

    Less important is the set. But, frankly, I like the old set better… This one tries too hard to be cool. But it is a “cool” look that we have seen so much everywhere (graffiti, warehouse look, etc) that is not cool any longer, but a little vulgar, IMHO.

    Between the two, I vote for the “old”, but a few minutes shorter, perhaps.

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  8. I totally agree with Geoff !

    as for lewis, if u nav to the presets link on the right side you can download some of matts. beware, some will only work in LR 2 so if your not using that version.

    also you can go to and check out the exchange where you can get more also.

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  9. I’m still hyperventilating (is that correct english? ;). The show goes way to fast!
    I do miss your personalities and your funny comments and I don’t like the new set but I can live with that only if everything slows down. You guys go so fast that I have to rewind again and again to see how things are done. That’s not a timesaver for me. I don’t like watching the show in the new format. The old one was a winner like Geoff said.

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  10. I’m with Geoff, I miss the old version…

    I watched the show as much for the entertainment value as for the tutorials…

    Keep up the Lightroom stuff though!

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  11. How do I get all the free presets for lightroom…legally that is. I am only a beginner in Lightroom, but slowly learning.

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  12. Hi Matt,

    Firstly, it’s great to see PS User TV back on the air but I’m afraid that the new format is far too rushed for my liking. As for fast forwarding over the banter in the old format, it was the humour and interaction that made the shows stand out from all the other tutorials on the web. The only thing I skipped over were the adverts (sorry sponsors). Keep the new set if you must but please change back to the longer ‘friendly’ format. You had the winning formula all along. Don’t be like every other tutorial out there, be different, be better.

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  13. Hi Matt,

    There are 23 comments above this one and, it seems, a lot of them echo my thoughts. I loved the banter between you guys and enjoyed the longer format, even if I had to do it in a couple of bites. I don’t mind shorter but it really seemed as though you felt the need to prove that you could pack the same amount into 2/3 of the time. Too rushed for me and the sets! You waited all that time for THOSE? Yeeuck. Sorry, but I found them far too distracting, partly because they look like what they are – CGI green-screened in. But why? If it means that you can all record your segments separately why not on a normal set instead of the electrical cupboard?

    Don’t get me wrong; this is just my opinion. I’m glad you’re back and I think you guys do a fantastic job. I’ll still be watching but you did ask…

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  14. Hi Matt,
    Shorter is better, but I think Scott’s 10 tips went way too fast, at least for me; maybe do fewer tips to be more reasonable for picking up the new tips. I was a little disappointed in your segment as you already had it up on LR Killer Tips; I hope you can keep them separate in the future (then we get 2 great videos instead of 1). The PS Guys are entertaining and very helpful; I’m glad you’re back!

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  15. Hey Matt,

    Loved the mew format and content. I really like the way you guys did the “quick hit” with each tip and moved through the content fast. I also like that you each had your own segment. Very professional.

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  16. Hi Matt,

    Glad to see you back on the air, and enjoyed the new show, but I missed the interaction between the three of you – for me that was a great part of the show and was always funny, so I do hope you can bring some of that back.

    As always – thanks for everything you give to us out here.

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  17. Although I struggled to find the time for the old format, I think it was a better format with your personalities as a key part of the show. Perhaps a compromise, a bit longer than the new format and brinks back ‘the guys’.

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  18. I get all the training I want on the NAPP web site and at Kelby Training. I watched Photoshop TV for the entertainment. (Tips and tutorials were a bonus.) Their personalities are what attracted me to watch Photoshop TV, go to semminars, and travel to PSW. I wanted to meet these guys in person and see if they really were the funny and talented people I saw on Photoshop TV. (They are!)
    Learning should be fun and that seems to have been left out of the new format.

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  19. I hate to nit pick but I also feel it was a bit rushed. I think if u can slow the pace down a tad it would be perfect imo.

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  20. Matt,

    I have limited time, so shorter is better. Thanks for the new and improved version.

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  21. Hey Matt,

    Thought the new format was great. Thanks for saving me some time and still providing all the great content!

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  22. Hi Matt

    I’m on the fence at the moment re the new layout – it always takes time to bed in new things!

    I hope the banter comes back – it was an important part of the show in my opinion.

    My main point was regarding the tutorial that you did – it was identical to the last video on this website although using photoshop instead of lightroom. Having watched the Lightroom video already I was a little surprised to see it again.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing all the stuff that you guys put out there and I know it is free and everything, it was just a shame that I’d already seen one section of the new show without realising!!

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  23. Matt – only one show to go on, obviously, but the new format looks great. I know you guys will settle in and it won’t feel so rushed in the future. Also I trust you’ll find a way to get a little bit of the old interaction / banter back in.

    But … what is up with that set? Looked like you were doing your tutorial in a janitor’s electrical closet. That would be strange enough, but in addition there’s no explanation for why the set even looks like that! Maybe it’s just me but it was strange enough to be distracting. Made me chuckle just because it was so random. And the various work-area “caution” signs right behind people’s heads were definitely distracting.

    Thanks and look forward to many more episodes.

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  24. I may be one of the few who enjoyed the longer format. The new episode seemed a bit rushed, which is understandable given the length of the show’s hiatus. Still, I miss the corny jokes and jibes.

    As for the content itself, I would like to see more design related tips and tutorials. For example, I would suggest something along the lines of “Fun with Filters.” It could be a quick 2-3 min tip about a particular filter and how to use in as part of a design element (there are endless possibilities even in the Distort drop down menu). Or, you could ask people for their own tips using a particular filter, or combination of filters. Sometimes when I see what someone else has done with a particular filter, it inspires me to create something of my own that I normally would not have thought of.

    That’s about it for feedback. Glad to have the show back, it has been way too long.

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  25. Hi Matt,

    The new format and sets are great. I agree that the pacing is a little on the fast side. That being said, it’s nice to have you guys back again. Keep up the great work.


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  26. WOW,

    I am with Bill on his comment, shorter is ok. But I liked the personalities and such that made it more personal. It did feel and seem rushed (even when you drove around in Coreys Cooper it wasn’t rushed). Almost like Y’all were running late and just wanted to get it done and up. All the info is still just as valuable, but it just felt like doing 80mph in a 40mph zone.

    all the tips and such have been covered in the past episodes, I would like to see more real world techniques and things that get the creative juices flowing as well as the things Corey does on Planet PS.

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  27. I am with Bill on this one. Pace was just a bit rushed for me to keep up. I did like the addition of some lightroom tips.Cheers Matt keep up the great work.

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  28. Hi Matt,
    I’ll probably be the contrarian here, but I kinda missed the screwing around that you guys used to do. I thought the new format felt rushed, like you were trying to cram 30 minutes worth of content into a 20 minute slot. The thing that makes the show special is your guy’s personalities. It always seemed like I was joining you over a “virtual” glass of beer and learning some about Photoshop. I’m busy too, but it was always worth the extra time to me.

    Thanks for the blog and all the other stuff you do as well.
    — Bill

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  29. Shorter is definitely better for me. I loved the old show, but I also rarely watched it, just didn’t have time.

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  30. Much better! I can set aside 15-18 min but 30-40 was too long. Thanks!!

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  31. Matt,

    I liked the content. It did feel like you guys were rushing in the video, particularly Scott. I’m sure you guys will tweak as you get feedback. I didn’t mind the other format. I found it easy to fast forward to what was important to me. Did you guys do surveys and find that viewership was dropping and needed the change? Good luck.

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  32. Matt,
    Looks good! I wonder who came up with the “Steam Room”? Nice touch. I will miss the interaction between you all though and those tender moments! Maybe that should be a show in itself! Look forward to the next one. Thanks!

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  33. oh and this means new Layers Episode too are coming XD

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  34. YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By the way matt, when I cam to comment the page showed stephen’s name and email address and website info in the part we fill out. You might want to have it looked at.


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  35. New format is better but funny comments because I found myself doing the opposite and fast forwarding only the tutorials. The new show feels more like a mini kelbytraining video which is great and feels like it has a better flow as opposed to 3 random tutorials. The old version kind of felt like the tutorials were secondary. A big +1 on the shorter shows. NAPP (and others) produce more weekly content then I can keep up with.

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