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Photoshop CS4 has been announced

It’s late Tuesday, but I didn’t want the day to go by without mentioning this one since Photoshop is my “gig” and all. Adobe has announced the brand new Creative Suite CS4, which means there’s a new version of Photoshop coming out. It’s not out yet but Adobe generally starts shipping within a month or so after they announce (at least that’s judging from the past). Since most Lightroom users, use Photoshop as well I figured you’d like a look at the new features so make sure you visit the links below for Photoshop (and other creative suite programs) coverage from the NAPP gang.

• NAPP’s Photoshop CS4 Learning Center

• NAPP’s Exclusive Members Only CS4 Videos

• I also had another online training course go live at Kelby Training’s website. It’s called the Photoshop CS4 Power Session and it’s an in-depth look at all the new features. I know no one has the software yet but subscribers are free to log in and get a head start. I really took an in-depth look at all the new features and all of the little settings in CS4 and exactly when and where you’d use them. I’ll also be updating the course as I find new stuff in the coming weeks.

• Layers Magazine Creative Suite CS4 videos (yes, videos on all the Creative Suite apps)

• Terry White’s Create Suite podcast takes a look at Photoshop, Bridge and Camera Raw in CS4

• Jeff Revell also has a new flash as well as a “Why I still use Bridge” article worth checking out

So the magic question… do you plan on upgrading? Let us know in the comments. See ya.