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Some Cool Updates to Lightroom Mobile and the Web

Last week I got the chance to teach some Lightroom classes at Adobe Max and I figured I’d give you a quick report on some new stuff that Adobe announced for Lightroom Mobile and the web.

First off, a HUGE thanks to anyone that came out to Adobe Max last week in Los Angeles. The Max conference has a very creative/designer feel to it, and it’s a ton of fun. But it was great to see Lightroom making more of an impact. For example, my Lightroom for New Users class was packed. I think no matter what you do with Adobe products, chances are that you use a photo at some point. And Lightroom is definitely the place that you should be starting, so it was cool to see so much more interest around it this year.

Lightroom Mobile Updates
1. One of the big ones is the ability to collect feedback from Shared Collections that people can view on Basically, when you’re in Lightroom (Desktop), you have the ability to share collections. Once you do that, you can get a public link that you can share with other people. When some one visits that link, they can now comment and like your photos, and you’ll see that feedback in Lightroom Mobile.

(Note: If you’re wondering whether you can see that feedback in Lightroom on the Desktop, right now you can’t. I was wondering the same thing. But apparently that’s in the works and will make it in to an update.)

2. GPS info that get’s tagged to your photos that you take with your iPhone can now be synced back to Lightroom Desktop.

3. You can now set your pick flags or star ratings without having to switch modes.

As always, you can find out more at Adobe’s website. And to get the updates for Lightroom Desktop, just go to the Help menu. And on your iPad/iPhone, just check the App store to get the latest and greatest. Thanks!