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Making the Move from Aperture to Lightroom

Hey everyone! I’m just getting back from my Lightroom seminar in Colorado Springs yesterday. So first off, a big thanks to everyone that came out. I’m continually fortunate to have awesome crowds at every city, and yesterday was no exception. Really engaged, and just a really great group of people.

Next… if you’re an Aperture user looking to make the switch to Lightroom then you’ll be happy to know I’ve got a brand new class up on It’s called “Making the Switch from Aperture to Lightroom”. It covers how to use the new plug-in from Adobe that helps make the move easier, and everything else you’ll want to know about making that move over to Lightroom.

Things like:
• Getting your photos in to Lightroom from now going forward
• How to organize your photos just like you would in Aperture
• What settings in Lightroom are similar to those in Aperture
• How to share, print, and save your photos

The class is up live on now. Also, if you’re thinking about jumping on Adobe’s Creative Cloud Photography Bundle (you get Lightroom and Photoshop for $9.99 a month), then Adobe’s got a killer deal for you. You’ll get Lightroom and Photoshop of course, but you’ll also get a free 3-month subscription to KelbyOne to watch my class, and any others you want. And, you’ll get 50 Lightroom presets from my personal collection of presets. It’s a great deal if you’re going to pull the trigger on moving from Aperture to Lightroom. Here’s the link if you want to find out more.