Lightroom Presets

New Presets – Burnt Tone

As you may have seen, I took a couple of days off but I’m back from my quick trip out west and I’ve got another free preset for you. This one was actually inspired by a poster I saw in Las Vegas this past weekend. The effect was a very strong burned feeling and I set out on the flight back home to recreate it.

When you download the presets (and unzip the zip file), you’ll notice that there are two presets in this package. One of them is for people and the other is for anything with a sky in it. One thing I noticed when creating it is that skies reacted differently (mostly in a bad way) to the people preset so I made a couple of changes to account for anything with sky in it (which ended up doing bad things to skin tones, hence the “sky” name). That said, rules are made to be broken so feel free to give either preset a try on any photo to see which one you like better.

Click here to see a before/after sample of the preset.
Click here to download Matt’s Burnt Tone Preset