Lightroom Tips

My New Lightroom Backup Training Course

First off, there’s a tip post right below this one so don’t forget to check it out. Also, I Just wanted to let you guys know that I had a brand new online training course go up on Kelby this week. Its all about backing up Lightroom. It sounds easy, but its probably the most-asked questions that I get (or I wouldn’t have created a whole course for it). I don’t just show you how to backup your catalog and photos but I show you why and the best ways to do it to make sure you’re back up and running in no time if something ever happened. I even went through some disaster scenarios. Like, what would you do if you’ve been backing up the way you should and one day you open Lightroom and its corrupt, or your computer crashed and your catalog is gone – what would you do? I go over those scenarios as well as some things like switching computers and backing up preferences and presets. I’m really psyched with the way it came together, and I made sure to keep each lesson right around the 3-4 minute mark so its easily digestible. You can find it (and the course outline) over at Thanks!