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My Favorite New Lightroom Feature Got Lost In All The Noise


I know last week we were all focused on the New Import dialog and the initial bugs in the release, but in all that noise one of the best new features kind of got lost in the mix, and that the fact in this update they quietly added the much-loved “De-haze” feature to the Adjustment Brush (as so many folks asked for) so now you instead of just apply De-haze to the entire image, you can “paint dehaze” just in the areas you want it.

When you click on the Adjustment Brush, you’ll see the Dehaze slider appears between Clarity and Satuation (I circled it here it Red), plus there’s a Dehaze preset that, when you choose it, sets the Dehaze about to 25% and zeros all the other sliders out.

Anyway, right now I’m up in the New York City at the Photo Plus Expo, and I’ve talked to folks here who were so focused on what went wrong with that new Import workflow that it drowned out some of the great things this most recent update brought with it, so I wanted to mention it here because a lot of folks missed it.

While Adobe’s working on returning us to the previous importing workflow (and ironing out a few bugs that still need fixing I’m sure), I can tell you that overall there’s a lot of love for Lightroom up here at the Expo. In my Master Class on lighting yesterday morning, I did a show of hands for who is using Lightroom in the crowd and only two people weren’t already using it. Plus, as you walk the expo floor nearly everywhere you look you see Lightroom on the monitors and projectors being used for demos and presentations in booths and theaters and on-stage as photographers are teaching and I think that’s a pretty cool thing.

Anyway, make sure you check out Dehaze on a brush — I think it’s probably the most useful new features in the latest update.

It’s Football Time
I’m shooting some college football tomorrow (the Bucs are on the road this week). I’ll be shooting for the Tennessee Vols tomorrow as they take on the Alabama Crimson Tide  in Alabama’s Bryant-Denny stadium. The atmosphere is just electric at these games, so I can’t wait! (Plus, I’m trying out a Cam-Ranger rig for a remote camera shoot, and I’m not sure my idea is 100% solid, so this will either be really cool and helpful….or not. More after I try it and report back).

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend, and we’ll see ya back here on Monday. Have a good one!


P.S. I’ll be in San Francisco next Wednesday teaching my new Shoot Like a Pro: Part 2 (Reloaded) seminar. Hope you can come out and spend the day with me.