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Moving Your Lightroom Photos To Another Hard Drive (without all hell breaking loose)

I heard another story again this past week about a guy who didn’t follow the THREE SIMPLE STEPS for moving his library of images from his Laptop to an external drive, and now all he has is broken links and missing image warnings. It’s a mess. Don’t let that happen to you — this is so easy – just three steps and I made a video for you below that shows the whole easy process step-by-step. Check it out:

Super easy, right? Absolutely! The whole key is to do the process all within Lightroom itself, so Lightroom knows you moved your photos and it also know exactly where they are.

The Photoshop World Conference kicks off at the end of this month

It’s going to be epic and you’re invited! Three days, three tracks, an incredible team of instructors, and it’s all online, so anybody anywhere can be a part of it. Tickets, the list of instructors and class schedule are right here.

Have a great Monday, everybody!