Lightroom Presets

Monday Presets – Creative Printing

A few weeks ago I posted this video on creating a custom contact sheet that actually looks more like a cool print then it does a contact sheet. If you missed the video or are just too plain lazy and never got around to creating the preset, then you’re in luck today. Even if you saw the video and created the preset, you’ll like this one because there’s an extra for you. This week I’ve created two printing presets that were born from one of the Contact Sheet presets in Lightroom’s Print module. One is a 3×3 grid and the other is a 2×2 grid. The 3×3 requires that you have 9 photos and the 2×2 needs 4 (I know, simple math but hey, it’s Monday and I didn’t want to make you think too much) 🙂 . They’re an awesome way to spice up a simple print. Plus, sometimes you’ve got a bunch of photos that, by themselves, aren’t print worthy but when they’re all together easily pull of a pro-quality print. I’ve got lots more that I’ll be sharing over the coming months but here are a couple to get you going.
Here’s a sample of what one of the presets looks like.
Download the presets here.