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Making Sure All Your Images Have GPS Data (a follow-up to an earlier post)

This is follow-up to a post I did last month where Adobe’s Terry White shared a very clever tip on how to add images to the Maps module that didn’t have GPS data already embedded into them (here’s a link to that post).

This tip today is how to find out which images in your catalog still don’t have any GPS data attached to them (perhaps you can use Terry’s tip once you find them all). Here’s how it’s done (quick and easy btw):

STEP ONE: Start by going to the Catalog panel (in the left side panels of the Library module) and click on “All Photographs” so you’re searching through your entire library. Press the Backslash to bring up the Search fields across the top of the preview area (if they’re not already visible) and click on the Metadata tab. Now click and hold on the name of any one of the search terms at the top of a column (in this example, I clicked on “Lens”) and choose GPS data (as shown here).

STEP TWO: Now that column will display how many images are tagged with GPS data, and more importantly, how many are not. Click on the phrase “No Coordinates” and it will display the thumbnails of all the images in your entire catalog that don’t have GPS data embedded, so they’re not findable in the Maps module. Now you can use Terry’s tip (using cell phone images you’ve already taken in the past) to get them tagged and on the map. NOTE: That’s not the only way to find GPS info – just a clever way.

There ya have it. Hope you found that helpful.

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