Get rid of those extra TIFFs & PSDs in your Lightroom Library fast!


Each time you jump over to Photoshop, it usually creates a copy of your photo and saves it alongside the original in PSD or TIFF format (depending on what you chose in Lightroom’s External Editing preferences), even if you never made a change to it in Photoshop.

If you’re like me, you probably had a hundred or more of these PSDs or TIFFs with no visible changes, just taking up space on your drive and in Lightroom. If you still haven’t gotten rid of them, here’s what to do:

(1) Go to the Library module, and in the Catalog panel, click on All Photographs.

(2) Up in the Library Filter found above your thumbnails at the top of Lightroom  (press the backslash key on your keyboard if it’s not visible), click on the Metadata tab up top. In the first field on the left, click on the header and choose File Type from the pop-up menu, then click on Photoshop Document (PSD).

(3) In the 2nd field dhoose Date and click on the oldest dates, so you can see which ones you never used or don’t need anymore.

(4) Now you can select those; and delete them so you get that space back.

There ya have it, folks for a warm Friday in July.

Take care,


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