Lightroom’s Lens Correction Panel Just Became Absolutely Essential To Me (and lots of other folks, I imagine, too!)

Hi, everybody. I’m back from 10-days in China (my workshop with Rick Sammon), and I took Canon’s brand new 24-240mm RF-Mount Lens with me, and this lens has lens issues that have made Lightroom’s Lens Correction Panel absolutely essential to me or anyone else using this lens.

I did a totally unfiltered Field Report on what it was like using the lens, and my field report actually includes a Lightroom Tutorial or two that you’ll want to see, even if you’re not considering this lens. It’s the good, the bad, and the ugly – check out my field report below:

Kinda shocking right? Heck, Canon should ship a copy of Lightroom with every unit (ya know, that and a lens hood might be nice. Don’t get me started again).

Hope you found that helpful.

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Have a great weekend everybody!

P.S. Thanks to all the photographers who came out to my seminar in Nashville on Wednesday – appreciate the great turnout and the gracious hospitality. Tennessee people are just the best! Next stop, Dallas and Richmond in October. Hope you can make it for the day. Tickets here. 🙂