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Lightroom Video – Skin Softening in Lightroom

Over the last couple of months I’ve taught a few Lightroom seminars around the country. One of the tips I show is using the Adjustment Brush for softening skin. It goes over amazing! People absolutely lose their minds over this one. Mainly because unless you know Lightroom really well, you’d never know there was a skin softening brush in it. Plus, people who like using Lightroom like staying in Lightroom and not going over to Photoshop. This is just one more way that helps you do that. Enjoy!


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  1. Jeff L 8 December, 2011 at 13:26 Reply

    Thanks so much for these presets (and all the others you provided.) They work like a charm. I’ve been a NAPP member for 4 years now and met you at your LR workshop in Chicago. NAPP, best $99.00 anyone interested in Photog and Photoshop/Lightroom can spend. Thanks Again

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