Today’s post has two purposes: 1) To show you some retouching presets that I created a while back and, 2) to let you know I’m teaching a free live webcast tonight on retouching (part of NAPP’s Retouch Week). So… first. A while back I released some retouching presets for the Adjustment Brush. Since then, Adobe has also added some presets to the default list. So if you’ve got both, you’ve got a good bunch of presets for retouching. In fact, I was teaching my Lightroom seminar in Philly the other day and some one came up and asked if I’d show how to use the Adjustment Brush to whiten teeth. I showed him to just go to the Adjustment Brush, go to the Effect pull-down list and there’s a preset for it. Just brush on the teeth and you’re done. Now, I probably wouldn’t use Lightroom for heavy duty beauty retouching but for a quick retouch, it does a darn good job. However, if you’re still on the fence about how to retouch in Lightroom, then read on.

Next, I’m co-teaching a live webcast from 6-7pm tonight with Pete Collins on Retouching. It’s part of NAPP’s Free Retouch Week. One week of free retouching tips, tutorials, techniques, etc… from NAPP. You can watch the first time for free, but the replay will live on the NAPP site for NAPP members only. One of the things we’ll demo tonight is using Lightroom for some quick retouches (mainly for wedding and event photography). These lives webcasts are always a blast. We’ll take some live questions and overall people really seem to dig ’em, so make sure you stop by and tune in if you’re around. Here’s the link. Have a great day!