Lightroom Tips

Lightroom Tip: The Super Awesome Resetting-Multiple-Sliders Tip

Happy Easter weekend to everyone. I don’t know about you but I’m getting the heck out of work today as early as possible to go eat fish. Okay, maybe not to eat fish (I don’t like fish) but I’m still getting out of here ASAP!. Anyway, on to the tip. So, you may or may not know that if you double click a slider in Lightroom it resets that slider to 0 (it’s default setting, but that’s not the tip). But here’s two non-slider places in Lightroom that double-clicking helps out a lot, because it resets a few sliders to 0, rather than just one.

1) I change white balance settings all the time and then want to revert back to the default. Well, to reset both the Temperature and Tint White Balance sliders to their original “As Shot” settings, just double-click directly on the letters WB in the Basic panel.

2) Adjustment Brush or Graduated Filter (I guess that’s technically 3 huh?): There’s a bunch of settings under each one of these. I’ll often change a few of them. But then, later, when I want to get back to zero for all of them you’d think you have to reset each one right? Nope! Just double-click the word “Effect” at the top of the panel and it resets all sliders to zero.

Cool huh? Hope you enjoy and have a great