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LIGHTROOM TIP: Organizing Collections From Folders

Hey everyone. Sorry for being away lately. If you follow my personal blog (if you’re in to landscape photography I hope you do), I posted that I was going to be gone for a week filming a Landscape Photography at Mt. Rainier (outside of Seattle) class for KelbyOne. Well, I had no idea that I wouldn’t have any internet and cell service for most of the time. Anyway, I’m back in the office until Photoshop World and I wanted to get out a quick tip that I just learned this week…

Side Note: I posted a recap of my photos from that trip in case you want to see it. Here’s the link.

Okay on to the tip. And it’s one that I can almost definitely (like the way I just covered myself there), I’m nearly positive (yup, once again), that you don’t know. Collections are a very popular way of organizing your photos in Lightroom. But did you know that you can drag a folder from the Folders panel, in to the Collections panel and Lightroom will automatically make a Collection out of it?

We had Sharad Mangalick, the Lightroom Product Manager from Adobe, visit earlier this week. In one of our meetings he did this tip, and here’s a quick recap of the conversation:

Me: “Dude! What’d you just do?!!!”.
Him: “I just dragged the Folder in to the Collections panel to make a Collection”
Me: “Really?!!!”
Him: “Yeah, you didn’t know that?”
Me: “Ummm, uhhhh, ummm Yeah, of course I did. I was just surprised you did too” 🙂


Anyway, if you’re wondering why this works well it’s because a lot of people have a workflow where they create a collection of everything from the shoot. Then, they proceed to Reject the bad photos and get rid of them. When they’re done, what’s left is the good stuff. It’s a slightly different way of working, where you make the collection first, and then reject. Rather than, rejecting, getting your favorites, and then making a collection. But I know it’s part of many people’s workflows, and with this tip, it’s that much easier.

Anyway, there’s a little tip for ya’. Enjoy and I hope you have a great weekend!