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A Lightroom Tip on Impromptu Slideshows I Did Not Know (and a brief Hurricane Irma update)

OK, I knew the first part of Benjamin’s tip, but I have to admit, I did NOT know the 2nd part (where he chooses the template). This is really good stuff!

Quick Hurricane Irma Update
We’re all OK!!! In fact, somehow we made it through in flying colors – didn’t even lose power (crazy as that is!). I went to the office this morning to check on things, and it’s in great shape, too (we were worried about the roof, as our offices are inside warehouses in an industrial park), but we had only a small amount of water that got in under the roll-up doors in the warehouse – I had it all mopped up in a couple of hours). Outside of that – we’re golden! I’m so very thankful, and grateful, and so appreciative of all your prayers and good thoughts throughout – it helped like you cannot believe. Sending my prayers up for those further up the state (esp those dealing with the flooding in Jacksonville), and for those in South Florida struggling with a massive cleanup and Key West struggling with a major disaster. Brighter days are ahead!!! OK, now onto Benjamin’s tip:

See, that was a pretty hidden little tip there. Thanks, Benjamin! 馃檪

In 10 -days come see me and my Lightroom seminar in Denver
It’s almost here – come on out (here’s the link for details and tickets). Next month I’m in Phoenix on Monday, October 23rd.

Have a great Tuesday everybody, and here’s wishing blue skies and sun!





  1. Nina 12 September, 2017 at 21:11 Reply

    So happy to hear you came through the storm intact. Will be praying for those adversely affected by it, both in Florida and elsewhere.

  2. Tim 12 September, 2017 at 15:19 Reply

    You also have the arrow you can add to the tool bar for the impromptu slideshow.

    In earlier versions of LR the impromptu slideshow started quickly. As opposed to how it behaved in the slideshow module. I used it to edit my keepers for images that were too similar. LR 5 & 6 they changed some thing and it went thru the preparing preview action that only happened in the slideshow module. That slowed my editing process and became less useful.

  3. callmebob 12 September, 2017 at 08:57 Reply

    Glad y’all pulled through with a minimum of damage to deal with, may it be so “farther” upstate as well.

    I’d be curious to see a blog on how people really do slideshows – what tools beyond LR’s they use and the pluses/minuses of them.

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