Good Monday everybody. Here’s a great little tip (and one that I did not already know), that I just picked up from my buddy Terry White from Adobe, and it about having the tethering HUD (see in the lower third of the image above) automatically hide while you’re tethering.


Just press the letter “f” on your keyboard and not only do your tethered images now appear full screen (with all the panels hidden), but your tethering HUD is hidden automatically as well. Press “f” again and it all comes back.

I know, it’s a simple thing, but those are my favorites.

One more thing!
Just in case you missed it — in the latest update to Lightroom they fixed the Nikon tethering problems (ya know, the one where it wouldn’t tether if you use Mac OS X El Capitan), so make sure you download the update.

Hope you have a great Monday!



P.S. This week, on Wednesday our in-studio guests on “The Grid” are top Sports Photographers Peter Read Miller and Damian Strohmeyer who both shot the Super Bowl yesterday using the just announced Canon EOS 1D X Mark II and will be sharing their experiences.

P.S.S. Also, Wednesday afternoon at 2:pm ET we have a special “Gear Head Live Q&A” with two of Canon’s top still and video techs (Rudy and Brent) on hand to answer tech questions (i.e. nerdy stuff I can’t answer) on the 1D X Mark II. This live broadcast is for KelbyOne members only – so keep your eye on your inbox for your personal invite.