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“The Lightroom Show” is On The Air!

It’s here: it’s finally here! Yup, it’s the first episode of “The Lightroom Show” (our new weekly show hosted by RC Concepcion and me), and we covered a lot of ground in just a short time, with lots of Lightroom tips and tutorials (Programming note: the show will air on Fridays).

We pull our ideas for the show from comments and questions our viewers post here, so thanks for all your input and suggestions so far, and keep ’em comin’. We’ll be working next week to set up a link where you can submit your images to have RC and I take them from start to finish through our Lightroom editing workflow, and I’ll let you know as soon as that’s up and running.

At the end of each episode, we plan on wrapping up with some inspiration by turning you on to a cool photographer and for this, our first episode, we’re proud to feature the travel photography work of Elia Locardi (here’s the link to his site, blamethemonkey.com)

Hope you enjoy the first episode and that it helps you along on your Lightroom journey. 🙂

Have a great weekend everybody and we hope to see you back here on Monday for #9 in Scott’s on-going series for new Lightroom users.


-Scott and RC