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Lightroom Quicktip: Choosing a “Cover Image” For Your Stack


Hi Gang – Happy Monday! Here’s a quick tip for changing the “cover image” thumbnail when you’re stacking image in a collection (NOTE: Stacking is when you group multiple images that are similar under one thumbnail — just makes things less cluttered when you have a bunch of images that are pretty much the same. For example, look in the top left corner of the image about and you see a number in the top left corner of the thumbnail. That let’s you know that there are a stack of images behind that thumbnail, and how many images are in the stack — in this case, it’s 9 images. This tip is about how to change which of those nine images appears as the “cover” — the image at the top of the stack replacing the one you see here with Jameis Winston pointing).


To expand the stack (and see the other images of Jameis warming up, click directly on the number in that upper left corner and the stack expands). Now, move your cursor over the image you’d like to have as the cover thumbnail for the stack (see the image above center) and it’s number in the stack appears (in this case, it’s the 5th image in the stack of nine). Click once directly on that number (5 of 9).


Now when you collapse the stack, that image becomes the cover image. That’s it.

Two quicks tip: (1) To collapse the stack – click directly on the number of the first image in the stack (this toggles the stack open or closed). (2) To get the images into a stack in the first place, select all the images you want in your stack and then press Command-G on Mac or Ctrl-G on Windows.

Hope you find that helpful. 🙂