Hi folks. Here’s another quick round of Q&A’s.

Q. If I make changes to a preset I’ve created (or even one of the wonderful presets that you’ve created for us), how can I update the preset without creating a brand new one?
A. First off, thanks! Glad you like the presets. Flattery will always get your question answered 😉 If you have a preset that already exists and you make some changes to it, first make sure the changes are the current changes you’re making to a photo that’s selected in Lightroom. Then, just right click on top of the preset name in the Presets panel and choose “Update with Current Settings”. You’ll get the same dialog that you normally get when you create a preset and you can click on the settings that you want to update/add.

Q. But how do I right-click. I don’t have a two button mouse?
A. Get up to speed with 1990’s technology and get a two-button mouse 🙂 (sorry, had to say it)
If you’re on a Mac laptop you can either a) Control-click or, b) Put two fingers on your trackpad and click.

Q. Is there any way that I can preview what my photo is going to look like when I export it in the sRGB color space?
A. Nope, Lightroom doesn’t have a soft-proof feature. Here’s the thing about exporting your photo into sRGB though. Even though Lightroom is technically a ProphotoRGB color space application, chance are that what you’re seeing on your screen is an sRGB photo. AdobeRGB and ProPhotoRGB really only come into play when we’re printing. Your screens though, typically only display an sRGB photo. So whether it’s sRGB, AdobeRGB or ProPhoto, it’s not going to look different on your screen.

Q. Can I resize my image in Lightroom without exporting?
A. No. You can crop to a specific dimension but you can’t resize. Actually, you don’t really want to resize your original in LR. Remember, the images you look at in LR are your negatives. They’re your original source files. You’d never do permanent damage to your negatives back in the film days and the same goes here. If you need to resize then go to File > Export and you can do it there.

Q. I watched your “Importing Raw + JPEGs” video a while back. I understand that Lightroom won’t import the JPEGs with the Raw files unless I tell it to, but what about moving and backing up. Will it move and/or backup the JPEGs to the same folder I tell it to for the raw files?
A. Yep, Lightroom will move the JPEGs to the same folder you tell it to move the raw files to. And if you have LR backing up your photos on import then it’ll backup the JPEGs as well.

Q. Is there a way to evenly space or display a ruler when creating templates for the print module? I want to evenly distribute 3 images across a page.
A. Yep. If you go to the Rulers, Grid & Guides panel in the Print module (on the right hand side 3rd panel down), you’ll see a “Show Guides” checkbox. Turn it on and Rulers are one of the options there. There’s even a “Grid Snap” option that should help you align things more easily to the rulers and grid.