Catch My Lightroom Classes At Adobe Max in LA This Week!

If you’re planning on being at Adobe Max in LA this week make sure come by to say hi. I’ll be teaching two Lightroom sessions on Wednesday.

• Lightroom Presets and Output (Wed: 9:30-10:30am)
• The Lightroom Crash Course (Wed: 11-12:00 noon)

In the first class we’ll go over the different ways to get your photos out of Lightroom whether it’s for print or the web or even slideshows. Plus, we’ll go over lots of preset ideas for making your photos look great with just one click. The 2nd class is basically a quick Lightroom bootcamp. I’ll take you through the entire Lightroom workflow from a high level so you can see what it has to offer. We won’t dig down deep into any specific topic, but rather look at Lightroom as a whole and all the things you can do with it. It’s an absolute perfect class for beginners who are just getting into Lightroom or anyone who’s been thinking about using Lightroom but hasn’t started yet. I hope to see you there. Even if you don’t come to a class, if you see me roaming aimlessly around stop and say hi 🙂