Hey everyone, it’s Photoshop World week so if you’re going make sure you stop by and say Hi. Anyway, I thought it would be a great time for another Q&A:
QuestionWhen locking an image to a crop aspect ratio, Lightroom forces the ratio to match the image layout, so vertical will be 8X10 and horizontal will be 10X8. There are times when I want a vertical crop in a horizontal photo, but still want the aspect constraint. Is there a way to get Lightroom to figure this out?
– Justin
AnswerAbsolutely. It’s definitely not immediately apparent. Here’s what to do. Start cropping your image like normal. Then, as you’re clicking and cropping, move your cursor outside the cropping rectangle like you would rotate the image and swing it around. As you do this you’ll see the photo switch from it’s current orientation to the opposite.
– Matt K