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Lightroom Preset Tip and A New Basics Class

Hey everyone. I’m in Houston today getting ready to teach my Lightroom 5 seminar but I’ve got a couple of quick things for ya’. First, last Friday my new Lightroom 5 Basics class was released over at I have to say, I’m really proud of this class. When I finished it, I knew I had created exactly what I set out to create… a quick, simple, easy way for beginners to jump in to Lightroom. See, I have several Lightroom classes on KelbyOne already, but this one is a little different. It’s meant for people just starting out. I even say in the introduction that the class isn’t really about what you’ll learn in Lightroom – it’s about what you won’t learn. Weird huh? But if you think about it, there’s a lot of different tools in Lightroom. As a beginner though, I don’t think you need to learn all of them. So I wanted to give people something they could jump in to quickly (the whole class is about an hour long) and get up and running fast. And if you want to learn more, then you can always jump in to one of my In Depth classes over on

On To The Tip
Okay, on to the tip. I picked this one up from Scott last week, as he was recording a Camera Raw class, and we realized a cool tip in ACR works in Lightroom too. Here goes. If you’re ever in the Develop Preset window you’ll notice it’s usually pre-populated with the settings from the last preset you created. So you may end up turning off a bunch of checkboxes. Well, if you just Alt/Option click on the checkbox you want checked, Lightroom automatically unchecks all of the other ones for you. It works in the Sync dialog box too.


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  1. Crystal 5 March, 2014 at 22:28 Reply

    Please tell me how to set up Lightroom in the finder window. I just installed Lightroom and I have Maverick. I made a folder called “Crystal’s Lightroom photos” but can’t figure out how to make sub-folders that contain the photos I put into the folder called “Crystal’s Lightroom photos”. Please help. I have been trying for over a week to figure this out.

  2. Annik 25 February, 2014 at 13:48 Reply

    I love this class! Just bought it, as I’ve just purchased Lightroom, and it’s everything I need to know. THANK YOU so much

  3. Brenda 18 February, 2014 at 20:37 Reply

    Hey Matt, Great seminar in Houston!! Not only did I learn more than I hoped for in LR but also about the observation deck. I love your downtown photo.

  4. William Brower 18 February, 2014 at 17:01 Reply

    Hey Matt,

    Thanks for the tip.
    It seems like this would be the easiest way to deselect anything.
    Whatever helps efficiency is a big money maker in the long run.

    I am amazed at how well Adobe is getting the pieces of Creative
    Cloud working together. Now, it is time to make my work flow efficient.
    The difficult part, is that I do not have a “normal job”, like photography.

    If I mainly did photos, I could have a simple workflow, but my tasks
    change daily. I expect that Bridge is the biggest part that I need to learn,
    but LightRoom is so much better!

    Thanks for your time to show us a bit of your knowledge.
    I look forward to learning more.

  5. Tom Jackson 17 February, 2014 at 15:16 Reply

    Thanks, Mat, for a great beginners class. I’m new to LR and PScc. I signed on to Adobe’s LR and PS plan. I am learning a lot from the videos at Kelbyone and you are one of my favorite instructors. I must say, there’s not a scrub in the bunch. Now if I could just remember everything that I see in the videos.

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