Hi Gang — let’s start the week off with a little “Working with Presets” quick tip. The ability to apply presets on Import has been around for nearly as long as Lightroom’s been around, but this little tips let’s you choose to apply an Import preset while you’re still in the Develop Module.



STEP ONE: If you have a preset you want to apply to the next batch of images you want to import; right-click on the Preset (in this case, I’m right-clicking on the preset called “Duotone”) and then from the pop-up menu choose “Apply on Import” as shown above. That’s it.


STEP TWO: The next time you go to import images, if you look in the Apply During Import section you’ll see that they preset you choose to apply (In this case, it was Duotone), it already selected in advance.

Now, is this incredibly faster than just choosing it right within the Import dialog box itself? Not really, but one of the great strengths of Lightroom is that it gives you all sorts of ways to do everything, so you can use the way that fits your particular workflow the best — this is yet just another way to apply a preset during import. Hope you find it helpful. 🙂

Have a great Monday everybody (I know. Groan). 😉