Lightroom Just Got Even Better…But It Still Needs This.

I can tell you, from doing hands-on Lightroom workshops, that the two most intimidating and confusing parts of Lightroom Classic are (1) the Import window and (2) the Export window. Fixing the import window is tricky (they tried once, and it didn’t get the love it probably deserved), but there is something they can do, quite easily, that would make life so much easier, for so many users, especially users who are new, or don’t use Lightroom every day. They need to add this to the File menu:

That. Right. There.

It shouldn’t be easier to save a JPEG out of Photoshop than it is out of Lightroom (but it’s WAY easier for new and casual users to save as JPEG in Photoshop). When you choose “Save as JPEG” it should bring up a simple window like this (a simpllifed version of Photoshop’s JPEG window).

It should also automatically convert the color space from ProPhoto RGB to sRGB, since they’re most likely to saving as a JPEG to share the image on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or emailing or texting it to someone. If they need a different color space, then they have to learn how to use the existing Export window, with its long list of options (which are helpful, if that’s what you need, but most folks exporting their images out don’t need all that stuff).

So, in short, if Adobe can add this feature (which doesn’t require AI or any engineering wizardry since the ability to save an image as a JPEG is already in Lightroom), it will help more people than they know.

Have a great weekend, everybody! 🙂


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  1. Andreas 27 May, 2024 at 07:59 Reply

    I think, Adobe will not add this because its right there 🙂
    “Export with Preset”. I use a self defined preset “JPG full res”. If I want a quick JPG I simply click on “Export with Preset” and choose this preset and it will create a subfolder inside the RAW folder containing the JPG(s).

  2. Gert Kracht 25 May, 2024 at 01:29 Reply

    Please don’t get the Adobe developers excited to change the import screen again, like the last time they try to change it.
    I was so happy to roll back to the previous version and watch that Adobe blog post explode with peoples reactions.

    There is a thin line between Lr and LrC we have to preserve. For now a lot of LrC is made to work with local storage and I think it should be kept like that as long as there is no alternative for all customers.

    The import screen is part of that: easy from-to destination drive. The only reason to change that would be: move everything to online. Which is way too slow and expensive right now. You need 1 Gbit up/down to meet the speed of a normal harddrive and those speeds are not available everywhere.

    Graphic design changes could be an option, but keep the same options inside the screen, don’t change or remove them. Nor add something AI to that Window. It will slow down the whole workflow.

    • Rudi 29 May, 2024 at 01:12 Reply

      “Please don’t get the Adobe developers excited to change the import screen again, like the last time they try to change it.”

      HaHa, yes! Thanx.

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